Analogies are made to give a sense of something but not to provide the original taste. You can have a sense of how it’ll feel to taste honey by reminding yourself of how sugar tastes, but it doesn’t take you to the original..
Like that, you may hear people say Life is a race. Some say that it is a marathon. Though, it is true, sort of. But Life, it is still different, unique. Life, has no finish line, it has no audience, there is no judge outside rather inside, moreover it is not about the race.

Life is more of a white paper where you’re given some time and paint to make your art. You’re not an expert at this, you make mistakes. You grow by making mistakes. Your art doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. All that matters is, are you happy making it or not? Life becomes beautiful when you understand this.

If you say Life is a race, it is.
If you say Life is a marathon, it is.
You’re given a white paper and you’re responsible for the art in it, but remember, no one’s here to reward or punish you for your art, it’s all about your satisfaction.

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