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Let’s keep this straight. We’ll start by accepting the fact that every living being in this world wants to be happy. It only differs by the path which we chose to attain it.

Beautiful music makes us happy

Music is well said to be the speech of angels.

~ Thomas Carlyle

People love to hear and play good music. What makes them love to do that? It’ll look senseless for another creature to see how humans react to some sort of sound waves. But, only the artists know how hard it is to practice and focus themselves to create a specific sound that won’t hurt the listener and to be in a flow. On the other hand, the listener should do a lot of work in their mind to feel the depth and flow of a song by filtering the unwanted thoughts, sounds, etc. It’s a beautiful process where both the musician and the audience were completely focused and engaged in a process to enter into a state of happiness.

We’re happy to watch Movies

Every great film should seem new every time you see it.

~ Roger Ebert

Can you remember the last fantastic movie that you’ve watched? What made you like it? More probably, it may have an interesting storyline, awesome twists-and-turns, jaw-dropping stunts, animations, etc. The more you work on your focus to understand the movie, the more you love it.

Helping others makes us happy

We always tend to lose something when we help others, so, why do we do it then? It has an interesting background, it’s backed by happiness.

Babies make us happy

It’s a different story here. Babies don’t do stunts or play the piano. We don’t give something to a sleeping baby or get anything from it, but, it’s happy to see a baby, why is that?


We have to work our way to find the actual cause for happiness, and how the happy occasions are related.

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